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Provider Plan Fee/Month Unlimited U.S & Canada
International Promotions Cancel Policy Recommended

Total Control: $24.99 U.S. & Canada
Free Shipping* 30 Day Virtual PBX

Skype to Skype: Free In-Network In-Network Free Video Calls Video Calling
Pay as you Go: Free Rate Chart Rate Chart No Contracts Cancel Flexible International
Unlimited (Softphone): $2.95 Rate Chart Free Softphone Anytime.
Softphone Only
Unlimited World: $12.95 40 Countries
Free Mobile

Unlimited Country: $5.95 Pick 1 Country

Digital Line Basic*: $4.99 0* Rate Chart
Digital Line Standard*: $9.99 500* Rate Chart Free Trial! 30 Day Small Business Plans
Digital Line Unlimited*: $24.95 Rate Chart Free Mobile! Money Virtual PBX
Professional: $9.95 100 Incoming Includes Fax Service! Back. Expandability
Business Plus: $24.99 500 Incoming Free Rollever Minutes!
Business Power: $49.99 1000 Incoming
Business Premuim: $99.99 2500 Incoming
*plus inbound plan

Freedom Unlimited w/2yr: $14.95 Rate Chart
Free Second Line 30 Day Home and Business.
Freedom Unlimited: $19.95 Rate Chart No Contract Money Hosted PBX for Business
Phone Power Business: $39.95 5000 Rate Chart 1& 2 yr discounts Back. Scalability
Hosted PBX: $54.95 5000 Rate Chart Free Online Activation
Provider Plan Fee/Month Unlimited
International Promotions Cancel Policy Recommended

Hello America 250: $7.95 250 Rate Chart Free Equipment
Hello America 500: $14.95 500 Rate Chart $4.95mon 1st mon 30 Day Range of Home Plans
Hello America Unlimited $19.95 Rate Chart Free Set Up Money International Plans
Lingo World Max: $23.95 100 Countries Free Shipping Back. Range of Business Plans
Business Value 500: $39.95 500 Rate Chart Business - 1 yr contract Nice Promo
Business Plus 2000: $49.95 2000 Rate Chart 1st Month Free! Office Assistant
Business Premuim: $79.95 25 Countries
2nd Line Free

Connect360 Limited: $19.95 500 Rate Chart No Contract Business Products @
Connect360 Unlimited: $29.95 Rate Chart No Set-Up Fee 30 Day Residential Prices
Connect 100: $8.95 100 inbound
Rate Chart Free Business Features Money Scalability
Connect500: $19.95 500 inbound Rate Chart Prepay Discounts Back. Top Business
Connect Unlimited: $69.95 Rate Chart Hosted PBX

Pay as you Go: $0 Rate Chart Rate Chart
Unlimited Monthly: $19.95 Rate Chart 1st Mon Free 30 Day Standard Home Use.
Unlimited Yearly: $199yr Rate Chart Free Adapter Money Small Business
Business 1800: $24.95 Rate Chart Free Shipping Back. w/ Mobil Options.
Business Unlimited: $34.95 Rate Chart Prepay Discount Upgradable!
Business BYOD: $34.95 Rate Chart
Mobile Line 200: $9.95 200 min Rate Chart
Mobile Line Unlimited: $24.99 Rate Chart

Premier Basic: $14.97 Incoming Incoming Free Hardware 30 Day Low Usage Home Use.
Premier Unlimited: $23.97 Rate Chart No Contract Money Standard Use w/some
Premier Global: $29.97 30 Countries Free Virtual # Back. International Plans.
Virtual Office PBX: $40+ Rate Chart 24hr Support!
Provider Plan Fee/Month Unlimited
International Promotions Cancel Policy Recommended

Joi Phone w/ 100 Minutes: $6.95 Incoming 9 Countries Free Hardware Low Usage & Home.
Joi Phone Unlimited: $14.95 9 Countries DSL/Phone Bundle 30 Day Small Business Use.
Joi Phone To The World: $16.95 40 Countries No Contract Money Great International Plans!
Joi Phone World Premium: $43.95 70 Countries Prepay Discounts Back. Business PBX Available.
Joi Phone Business: $29.95 9 Countries 40 Free Features

VT 500: $9.95* 500 min. Rate Chart Free Hardware 30 Day Great Low Usage Rates!
VT Unlimited: $15.95* Rate Chart Buy 1yr get 1yr Free Money SOHO Plans
VT Unlimited BYOD: $199yr Rate Chart 2 Lines Included Back. Small Business w/low
VT Business 1500: $29.95* 1500 min. Rate Chart No Activation w/BYOD! 1,3,6 mon & International Use!
VT Business Unlimited: $35.95* Rate Chart *1 or 2yr 24hr Support!
VT Business BYOD: $39.95* Rate Chart Contracts.

IP Freedom: Free In-Network In-Network No Signup Fees Pay as you Go.
Pay Per Call: $0 Pay as you go Rate Chart No Contract 30 Day Great International Plan!
N. American Unlimited: $19.95 Rate Chart BYOD Option Money Need your own device.
World Select: $29.95 35 Countries Over-stock Sale Back Business Call Center Plan.
Incoming Only Unlimited: $5.95 Incoming